Tips for Remodeling the Main Bathroom on a Shoestring Budget

The main bathroom in the average family home is used by both family members and guests. This level of daily traffic plus the effects of moisture often means that the surfaces degrade more quickly and leave the room looking worn and drab.  While homeowners frequently place bathroom remodeling at or near the top of their wish list, concerns about the potential costs can cause them to postpone any plans they might have for updating the space. Read More 

Tips for Deciding Between a Submersible or Pedestal Style Sump Pump

Do you need to install a sump pump in your home to keep the water away from your foundation? If so, you need to pick what kind of sump pump you are going to install. The two main options you have to pick between are a submersible or pedestal style sump pump. Both have advantages and disadvantages, which is why it is worth knowing more about them before you make a decision. Read More