A Look At The Types Of Structural Damage Caused By Termites

Most homeowners know that a termite issue can quickly lead to a lot of problems for a home. However, what many homeowners do not realize is just what the specifics are of the structural damage termites can cause. Here is a look at some of the types of structural damage you may notice if you have a termite infestation. 

Roof Support Damage 

One thing a pest control contractor will always look at when they are looking for termite damage is in the attic. In the attic, termites can have easy access to the wooden trusses that support the roof. These trusses are specifically built and spaced to offer enough support to the roof and the roofing materials as a well-designed system of sorts. If termites eat through just one of the trusses, which is not at all uncommon, it can compromise the entire system's ability to properly support the weight of the roof. 

Foundation Damage 

Foundation damage is not something most homeowners will readily associate with a termite problem, but it can definitely happen. Even though the foundation may be primarily made out of concrete or stone, the pests can still create burrows through the dirt around this stone or concrete. If the problem gets to be too substantial, it can actually cause the foundation to shift because the ground around the foundation is not as stable as it once was. 

Window and Door Frame Damage 

Window and door frames support these implements properly so they do not shift out of place, and these frames are made out of wooden materials in the majority of houses. If termites invade the walls of the house and make it to these frames, it can greatly deteriorate the level of support that is provided for doors and windows in your home. You may notice that a window seems to shift from its usual position or a door is not closing the same way that it once did. 

Floor Joist Damage 

The floor joists are the wooden beams that run across the span of the floor of a home to offer the primary support. The joists themselves are anchored onto the primary foundation, but the subfloor and everything on that subfloor rely on the integrity of the joists for proper support. If you have a termite problem and these pests manage to cause substantial damage to the wooden joists, it can definitely create a major structural problem for your entire home.