Tips for Remodeling the Main Bathroom on a Shoestring Budget

The main bathroom in the average family home is used by both family members and guests. This level of daily traffic plus the effects of moisture often means that the surfaces degrade more quickly and leave the room looking worn and drab. 

While homeowners frequently place bathroom remodeling at or near the top of their wish list, concerns about the potential costs can cause them to postpone any plans they might have for updating the space.

Luckily, there are several things that homeowners can do to make their bathroom remodeling project much more affordable, including the following suggestions. 

Refinish and reuse, instead of replace

One of the most expensive line items in any bathroom remodeling bid is likely to be taking out the existing plumbing system and reinstalling a new one. This if often necessary when homeowners want to change the configuration of the fixtures, add a separate tub or shower, or make a major enlargement of the space. 

If the existing plumbing is in good condition, homeowners may want to consider working with it by having the pieces refinished instead of replacing it, in order to reduce the entire cost of remodeling the space. 

Shop salvage, instead of new

Building supply resale stores, such as the one sponsored by the Habitat for Humanity charitable organization is just one of the many sources for inexpensive building supplies and fixtures that homeowners should consider utilizing. In addition to reaping potential savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars on the supplies for their bathroom remodeling project, homeowners can feel good about supporting this important charity. 

In addition, homeowners can also find a wide range of building supplies and fixtures at inexpensive prices by searching social media sites, garage sales, and community thrift and resale shops in their area. 

Make small changes, instead of a complete renovation

There are many relatively small, changes that can make an outdated bathroom look fresh and new, even on shoestring budget. Some good examples include: 

  • changing out harsh or very dated lighting fixtures over the sink 
  • adding a new glass door to an existing shower
  • replacing an old frosted window with glass blocks to maximize light while retaining privacy

Homeowners may also want to consider removing doors on cabinetry to create open shelving or refacing existing doors and drawers at a fraction of the cost of replacing them with new ones. 

Homeowners who have not yet discussed their plans with a reputable bathroom remodeling contractor should do so as soon as possible. This type of experienced professional will be able to help them work within their budget to get the fresh, attractive bathroom remodel they need.