Damp Basement – Start At The Top And Work Your Way Down

Did you spend your summer this year battling moisture in your basement? Have you started looking into what could be causing the problem, rather than mopping up and disinfecting the area every time it gets a little wet? Here, you'll find a few things to consider that will help reduce the moisture that seeps into your basement.

Look Up                               

Go outside and take a good look at your gutters. Are there any signs of damage — are they bowed, rusted, cracked, or growing plants? If gutters fail, or become clogged with debris, the water that should be carried away from the house will overflow and run directly down the side of the home. This leads to not only a wet basement, but it can also lead to material rot, mold growth in the walls and ceiling, and a lot more damage that will need to be repaired.

If you aren't capable of getting up on a ladder to check your gutters, contact a professional. They'll be able to provide the service for you and give you the advice that you'll need to rectify any issues with the gutter system before any more damage occurs.

Look Down

After it rains, go outside and check the soil around the foundation of your home. If you find that there are puddles forming along the foundation, the basement moisture could be a result of it. The ground around your home should be sloped just enough to force water to run away from the home. Over the years, the soil around the foundation can settle and cause the water to settle, rather than flow.

You can add soil to the area to raise it. Just be sure to tamp it down well. If the dips are very deep, you may want to add some gravel to the hole before covering it with soil. This will help to improve water flow and prevent the soil from sinking as quickly.

Check Internal Pipes

Have you inspected the pipes in the area where the basement is dampest? There could be a pipe that is slowly leaking or becomes coated in condensation and drips onto the floor or down the wall.

This isn't a problem that will resolve itself – if you let it, it will lead to mold problems, which could put your health at risk.

Talk with your local gutter repair professionals to start with. Hopefully, it won't be long before your basement is as dry as it should be.