4 Safety Tips To Deal With A Broken Water Heater Safely While Waiting On Repairs

Water heaters are not meant to last forever, and as they get older, there are going to be occasional problems. Sometimes, these problems can easily be repaired but they may require replacing your old water heater. The following tips will help you deal with problems safely while waiting for help with repairing or replacing your water heater:

1. Dealing with A Linking Water Heater and Shutting It Off While Waiting for Repairs 

When your water heater is leaking, it may be something as simple as a faulty valve that needs to be replaced. It could also be a corroded tank, which means that the entire unit needs to be replaced. While waiting on repairs or replacement, turn off the water to the tank and the gas or power to ensure your safety while waiting for help solving the problem.

2. Avoid Getting Burned by Water That Is Too Hot Due to Thermostat Issues

When the water heater is too hot, it can cause a real danger of someone getting burned when they use the water. This is usually due to problems with the thermostat, which may just need to be adjusted to accommodate changes in weather or replaced if it is malfunctioning. Try changing the settings to be lower, and if it still causes water to be too hot, contact a repair service for help. While the water is hot, it is a good idea to be cautious of children and elderly that may inadvertently burn themselves when using the hot water.

3. Turning Off the Gas When A Pilot Light Will Not Light or Stay Lit Due to Problems

The gas pilot light can go out for various reasons and needs to be lit to get your hot water heater working again. When you are having trouble starting the pilot light or keeping it lit, turn off the gas to the unit and contact a repair service to inspect the gas lines for damage that needs to be repaired to keep your water heater safe.

4. Pressure Problems and Noises Due to Plumbing, Sediments, and Pressure Tank Problems

Noise that comes from the water heater can be caused by various issues. It may be something minor, such as sediment in the tank, plumbing that is expanding, or issues with pressure tanks. If your water heater has abruptly started making noise, turn the thermostat down and have a repair service inspect it to ensure it is not a problem with the pressure tank, which can be a dangerous problem.

These are some safety tips to help keep you safe when dealing with a broken water heater and waiting for repairs. If your water heater has started to cause you problems, contact a water heater repair service to have it repaired or replaced.