Do You Love The Look Of New Vinyl Siding? 3 Tips To Keep Your House’s Exterior In Top Condition

Vinyl siding lasts for years with proper care, but there does eventually come a time when it needs replacement. Over the years, harsh weather conditions, the natural aging of the materials and exposure to wildlife can all add up to damaged siding. Now that you've decided to have new siding installed on your house, you can use these tips to protect it from damage so that you enjoy the boost it gives to your house's curb appeal.

Trim Trees and Bushes Back

Lush foliage around the outside of your house looks pretty, but it does have the potential to cause damage to siding if it is too close to the exterior walls. Inspect around the trees and bushes on your property to make sure that none of the branches are touching the siding. Branches that are too close block the sun and can trap moisture against the siding that leads to dry rot and mold. Trimming the branches back also prevents insects from using them to access the upper sides of your house where they could burrow into wooden areas near the siding.

Be Mindful of Your Outdoor Activities

Holes and cracks in the siding ruin the aesthetics and compromise the integrity of the materials. Although hail damage is a common cause of holes, you should be aware of how your daily activities could also create this type of damage. For instance, lawn mowers commonly throw rocks that will leave a hole if they hit the siding. Always walk your property to pick up materials that your lawn equipment could toss. You also need to encourage your children and houseguests to do things such as practicing sports far away from the exterior walls that they shouldn't cause damage. For instance, you may need to move a basketball hoop down to the lower portion of the driveway or patio.

Inspect Regularly for Damage

Your attention and hard work goes a long way toward preventing damage, but time and exposure to the elements can still cause the siding to develop cracks or warping. Fortunately, most of these issues are easier to correct when you detect them early. Check the siding after any major storm and at the changing of each season for signs of damage such as peeling paint, looseness, or cracks. Then, reach out for siding services to repair these issues before they get worse.

Professionally installed siding transforms the exterior of your house, and there is something wonderful about loving how your house looks when you pull into the drive. By making an effort to care for your house's new vinyl siding, you can look forward to it lasting for many years. For more information, reach out to local siding services.