Plan For A Hunting-Focused Room In Your New Custom Home

If you're an avid hunter, you might have a hunting lodge that you share with several friends. However, this doesn't mean that hunting can't also be a key element of where you live. If you're having a custom home constructed, you may want to contemplate the addition of a hunting-focused room. Instead of placing your hunting accessories and other items in a room that you use for another purpose, your hunting room can be a place where hunting is the prime focus. Talk to your custom home builder about exactly what you want for this room, and don't forget to go over these ideas.

Secure Access

Your hunting room will be the place in which you store your firearms and ammunition, so it's important for this room to have secure access. While you'll ideally be keeping the guns and ammo locked up in one or more safes, there's nothing wrong with further securing the room. If you opt for windows, talk to your builder about decorative bars or shatterproof film for the glass. If the room will have access to the outdoors, a sturdy exterior door with a series of security measures is necessary. When it comes to accessing the room from the interior of your home, you might even wish to consider hidden access — for example, the opening to the room hidden behind built-in shelving.

Adequate Space

When you're contemplating the square footage of your hunting room, don't sell yourself short. While you might initially think about mainly using this space for storage, you should also plan to spend time hanging out here. This means that you may want enough space to arrange a few seating options, as well as enough wall space to hang a television. This can then become a hangout for you and your hunting friends to watch hunting TV shows. You'll also want enough floor space for a table or workbench on which you can clean your firearms.

Proper Storage

Instead of putting your own cabinets and shelves into your hunting room after you move into your custom home, assess your storage needs and have your builder provide these elements. Storage solutions mounted on several of the walls, including above and below the workbench, can provide the storage that you need without you having to go to the hassle of implementing it yourself. Confer with your custom builder to see if he or she has built other homes with hunting rooms from which you can borrow some ideas.