Why A Video Inspection Is Helpful When Your Sewer Line Is Clogged

In times past, a clogged sewer line was a mysterious thing because you never knew the condition of the pipe until it was dug up. Now, your plumber can perform a video inspection of the sewer pipe and show you exactly what it looks like inside. Here's why you should consider a video inspection from a place like Rapid Rooter Inc if you're having problems with a clogged sewer.

To Discover What's Causing The Clog

Knowing the cause of the clog helps determine the right way to fix the problem. For instance, if the video inspection reveals a ball of tree roots in the pipe, the plumber may decide to snake through the roots, but if the clog is caused by a collapsed pipe, then it may be necessary to dig the pipe up and replace it.

To Assess The Condition Of The Pipe

Besides looking for the source of the clog, the plumber can also examine the pipe to determine its condition. One effective way of clearing out a clog is to use a hydro jet, but a video inspection is often done first to make sure the pipes are in good shape and able to withstand the force of the water. If your pipe is corroded and at risk of damage, then an alternate method of treatment might be suggested. You'll also be aware of the condition of the pipe so you can plan to replace it before it fails.

To Know If The Treatment Was Effective

One annoying aspect of battling tree roots is that they tend to grow back and the clogging starts all over again. This can happen fairly quickly if the roots are not cleaned out well enough. When the plumber does a video inspection again after the treatment, you can see if the pipes are clean so you're protected against root invasion for as long as possible.

To Decide How To Repair A Broken Pipe

If a video inspection reveals the pipe has cracked open or collapsed, then the plumber can determine the right way to repair the damage by viewing video of the pipe. If the pipe is just cracked, it may be possible to pull a new liner through it to fix the problem. If the pipe is collapsed, the pipe may need to be replaced, which requires digging it out of your yard first. A video camera used for pipe inspections can also have a locator beacon attached to it that allows the plumber to pinpoint the location of the problem. With this information, the plumber knows exactly where the pipe is located underground, the angles it takes, and its depth. These details are helpful in determining the right way to repair the sewer pipe to get your plumbing fully functional again.