Lawn Equipment You Need To Maintain A Beautiful Yard

If you've just bought your first house and will be caring for your own lawn for the first time, then you'll need the right lawn equipment from a company like Potestio Brothers Equipment, Inc. The right equipment makes the job easier, quicker, and more enjoyable. Plus, your yard will look its most attractive when you have all the necessary equipment. You can save money by renting equipment you might only need once a year or less. However, you'll want to buy a mower, trimmer, and blower since you'll use these every time you mow. Here are some options in these three types of lawn equipment.

Weed Trimmer Options

Trimmers for residential purposes use plastic string to cut through weeds. The trimmers can be powered by a battery, an extension cord, or gas. Gas trimmers can tackle thick and tall weeds the best. If you live in the country and need to cut through heavy weed growth such as along a pond bank, then a gas trimmer might be best. For trimming grass around trees and flower beds, a lightweight electric trimmer is usually sufficient, and you can eliminate the need to store gasoline.

You may find a battery-powered trimmer to be more convenient since you won't have to drag an extension cord around the yard when you trim. Battery-powered trimmers come with different battery sizes, so you'll want to choose one with a battery that has a long enough life between charging and that has enough power to cut through weeds as well as grass.

Leaf Blower Considerations

Leaf blowers are necessary for getting grass clippings off your driveway and out of the street. Your yard will look professionally trimmed if you tidy up by blowing away the clippings. A leaf blower can also be used to blow leaves off your driveway and patio in the fall. You can blow leaves across your yard into a pile for easy disposal. Some blowers also double as vacuums so you can vacuum your yard rather than rake it to get rid of leaves.

Leaf blowers can be powered by gas, battery, and power cord just like a trimmer. You may want to choose the same power source that you choose for a trimmer since the batteries might be interchangeable if you choose battery power. If you need to buy and store gas for a mower and trimmer, you may want a gas leaf blower, too.

Lawn Mower Choices

You can buy a riding lawn mower or a push mower, and mowers can be powered by gas or electricity. You have a lot of choices in mowers, so consider the size of your yard first. A riding mower is the most convenient, but it may be impractical for a small yard. A push mower powered by an extension cord eliminates the need to buy gas every time you mow, but your yard has to be small enough that an outdoor extension cord can reach to the boundaries.

If you have a tiny yard, you may even consider a reel mower that just relies on rotating blades as you push it to cut the grass so no electricity or gas is needed. The lawn mower is probably the most important piece of lawn equipment you can buy since it makes all the difference in how easy it will be to cut your grass every weekend. Consider all of your options carefully so mowing the grass won't be a chore you dread.