Tips For Adding A Fireplace In Your Home

Sitting by the fire on a cold winter evening is one good way to get the family together and just enjoy the time together. Whether it is going to be a central gathering place for the family or a heat source all winter, installing a new fireplace into an existing structure is not too difficult and if you hire a qualified mason and fireplace installer, the process can be done very quickly. 

Picking Your Location

When you start to consider where you want to put the fireplace in your home, consider the location that is best going to fill the needs of you and your family. If you are using it for heat, a central location is going to be the best option. Talk with your contractor about where you want to put it because there may be obstacles that make some locations better than others. The construction of the home is important because the chimney needs to run straight up to perform at it best. Turns and sharp angles make the chimney harder to clean and collect creosote easier.

Deciding On The Material Being Used

Having a real masonry fireplace installed in your home means you can choose from the many different types of bricks available for your fireplace. There are some bricks that hold up to the heat better than others so it is important that you take that into consideration before you pick a style for your fireplace. Keep in mind, smoke and heat can discolor the brick so white bricks might not stay white very long. A color that looks great now, may not look as good down the road so ask at the brickyard about the expectations for the one you choose.

Construction Of Your Fireplace

Once all the material has been decided on, the work can begin on the fireplace. It is very likely that the demolition of the wall where your fireplace will be is going to be messy. If you can cover everything in the room and move as much as you can to another room during the work, you will save yourself a lot of work and clean up later. A good mason will cut bricks outside and try to keep the mess to a minimum but they are working with bricks that have to be cut and some dust is part of the installation.

Once the work is done, and the debris cleaned up, the fireplace will be worth it. Make sure to follow the mason's instructions for having your first few fires in the fireplace. Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy that warm orange glow on a cold winter night. Don't forget the hot chocolate!

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