Signs That Your Chimney Needs Some Professional Assistance

You want to make sure that you can recognize the signs that it's time for some professional chimney repairs. This will help ensure that you can get your chimney repaired before the problems get so bad that you simply have to have it completely replaced. To avoid such an expense,  you will want to watch out for the following.

Spalling Is Noticed

Spalling is the chipping, cracking, or breaking of the bricks of the chimney. This is often times the result of long-term exposure to a lot of moisture, and it is an issue that needs to be addressed right away. The longer this problem sits without being solved, the worse it can get. Before you know it, larger chunks of brick and mortar could start falling to the ground, which could result in injuries.

Efflorescence Is Building Up

Efflorescence is a white substance that will begin to show up on the exterior of your chimney bricks. If only a little bit has started to appear, you might be able to have it scrubbed off. However, until the issue with the moisture within your chimney is resolved, this is a problem that is going to continue to appear. Eventually, you could find that your entire chimney is covered with the efflorescence, which will be unsightly and a big indication to anyone that looks at it that it is in very bad shape.

Mortar Joints Are Cracked

It is important to remember that just because you are not noticing bricks falling to the ground does not mean that there is not a serious problem with our chimney that needs to be handled by a professional. Take a close look at the mortar between the bricks. If the mortar is falling apart or you are simply noticing small hairline cracks throughout it, it is time to hire a professional. The chimney repair contractor will be able to fix or replace the mortar between the bricks, which needs to be done before large bricks do start falling to the ground below. Even small chunks of bricks could cause serious damage to someone if they are directly hit with them.

When it comes to chimney repairs, you will want to make sure that you are hiring the best possible chimney repair expert in your area. This will ensure that the work that is done will last for a very long time. For more information, contact a company like Allstate Chimney Service.