The Benefits of Installing a Whole-Home Water Filtration System Over a Single Under-Sink Water Filter

Installing a whole-home water filtration system offers a number of benefits over just installing an under-sink filtration system connected to your kitchen faucet. While both will give you great tasting and safe drinking water, a whole-home water filtration system carries a number of additional benefits that can justify the additional expense of filtering all the water used in your home. Here's a look at just a few perks to consider.

Removes Iron, Protecting Your Bathroom Fixtures from Discoloration

If you've ever noticed red stains on the inside of your toilet or around your sink or shower drains, your water has a high iron content. This will also gives the tap water in your home an unappealing metallic taste, and showering in water with a high iron content can tint your hair slightly red or orange. To prevent these problems, install a whole-home water filtration system that removes iron from all the water used in your home.

Protects the Plumbing in Your Home

A whole-house water filter also acts as a water softener, removing minerals from the water before it enters into the pipes of your home. The dissolved minerals present in hard water build up on the inside of your pipe — this reduces the diameter of the pipe and slows the rate at which water drains from your appliances. Eventually, the minerals will clog the pipe entirely. Installing a whole-house filter prevents this mineral buildup from occurring and protects you from expensive plumbing bills.

Filters Water Even When the Municipal Filtration Is Offline

If a sewer pipe near your home has broken or if your local water treatment facility has gone offline or lost power, you'll often receive a boil water notice. This alerts you that the water coming into your home through the municipal water and sewer system may be contaminated, and you should boil it before drinking any of the water that comes out of your tap. You don't have to worry about this with a whole-home filtration system, since all contaminants will be removed from the water at your home. If you didn't hear the boil water notice, this keeps you and your family safe by preventing you from accidentally washing your hands or showering with contaminated water.

Prevents Mineral Deposits in Your Appliances

If you have a dishwasher or a refrigerator that makes and dispenses ice cubes, hard water in your home can reduce the lifetime of these appliances. Minerals can build up in the dishwasher's spray arm, causing a clog that prevents the dishwasher from functioning until you replace the spray arm. The ice maker in your refrigerator draws water from a narrow intake line connected to your kitchen plumbing that can rapidly clog due to hard water. A whole-house water filter reduces maintenance requirements for your appliances by preventing these problems entirely.

Whether you're building a new home or thinking or installing a whole-house water filter in your current home, contact a professional for assistance in installation and sizing to ensure that your water filter operates correctly. A water filter that's too small for your home's water usage will cause poor water pressure, while one that is too large will waste water and electricity, driving up your monthly utility bills.