Why You Should Be Excited About Your New Home’s Deep Well

If you are planning on living in a rural area, you may find it a surprise that you are not able to tap into city water and must instead get your water from a well. While using a deep well pump may be surprising, there are many reasons that you should actually look forward to your well water.

Natural Water

Many consumers purchase bottled spring water in an effort to buy water that is more natural and pure. However, you can also gain access to more natural water from a well as long as you are able to have the water tested to determine if it is safe to drink or whether it needs to be treated. 


One of the reasons why well water is safer than city water is that city water comes from rivers and lakes. These sources of water are often contaminated. The water is sanitized using chlorine, which can be harmful in high dosages. While the amount of chlorine found in city water is low, if you are drinking water frequently, you are still consuming a large quantity of chlorine. 

If you have city water, you can still purchase bottled spring water to get around the issue of well water being contaminated. However, this does not solve the problem of water that comes out of your shower faucet. Your skin is able to absorb the contaminants that are found in city water. 


Well water is often considered to taste better than water that comes from the city. Many who drink well water proclaim that they find the water to be more refreshing. The chemical flavor that is found with treated water does not exist with water that comes from a well. 

Deep Wells

Deep well pumps are sometimes necessary to access an aquifer because of the depth of the water source. Therefore, it might be necessary to use a deep well pump. Deeper wells are often excavated through machine drilling. Rather than manually digging, a drilled well penetrates a harder layer of the earth's crust. These wells are encased in a pipe that is made out of plastic or steel. Some of these wells can be several hundreds of meters deep. These wells are most often drilled in sparsely populated rural areas where there is not a more shallow source of water. The best thing about these wells is that they are the least likely to become contaminated.

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