Top 4 Options To Prevent Erosion On Your Hillside

If you just moved into a new home that has a slopped hillside, one of your top priorities needs to be controlling the erosion of dirt away from this hillside. You don't want the hillside to get washed away; this could compromise the integrity of your entire plot of land. Here are the top four options that you should consider to prevent the hillside of your new home from eroding away.

#1 Mulch

If you want to get something down right away, without going through an extensive project, mulch is a great solution. You can purchase large bags of mulch at a reasonable price. You'll want to put down a layer of mulch that is at least a couple of inches thick. This should help protect the top layer of soil from getting washed away and help the soil retain moisture.

Make sure that you match the mulch with the type of soil that you have. Different types of mulch are designed to work best with different types of soil.

#2 Grass

One of the easiest ways to control erosion is through root coverage, and one of the most cost effective and easy ways to create root coverage on a hillside is with grass. This is a great first step to take if you want to stop the hillside from eroding away. Plant some grass on the hillside and the roots of the grass will help hold the soil together.

However, grass does not have very deep root systems, so over time you are going to want to add trees and shrubs that have deeper, more extensive roots to your hillside. This will help further stabilize the soil and ensure that it doesn't slide off.

#3 Residue Cover

Another more permanent solution is a residue cover. A residue cover is designed to be rolled out over your entire hillside. You can anchor the residue cover in with stakes. The residue cover is designed to divert rainfall and runoff into nearby drains. It is also designed to act as a protective layer, preventing the topsoil from getting washed away.

#4 Retaining Wall

Finally, one of the more expensive but highly effective means of preventing erosion from your hillside is by installing multiple layers of retaining wall. Putting in multiple layers of retaining wall on your hillside will prevent the soil from eroding away. Multiple retaining walls can also be used to direct the waterfall in a more appropriate manner, to drains and ditches. Additionally, grass, shrubs, and mulch can be used within the retaining wall to hold the soil in place and to create a more visually appealing environment. 

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