Tips For Scribing Perfectly So That Your Cabinets Fit Correctly The First Time

Scribing is the act of copying unusual shapes onto another surface for the purpose of changing one of those surfaces so that it fits perfectly against the other. This is often used when adding cabinets to a kitchen or other part of the home that are directly set against a wall. Many walls are not perfectly straight and do not have the perfect, ninety-degree corners that the cabinets do. This can mean that, unless you change the wall or the cabinet, there is going to be some gapping which will not look as nice. Here are some tips for scribing perfectly so that you can get your cabinets to fit correctly the first time.

1. Get the Cabinet As Close to Its Final Position as Possible

The first step is to get the cabinet as close to the position where it will be installed as possible. You want to make sure that you get it to this level in order to increase the accuracy of your scribe. You can do this by using a series of boxes and shims to hoist the cabinet to the right height. Then, adjust everything so that the cabinet is plumb against the wall and flush by any areas that it should be flush by. Take your time doing this because this is the most important part of the scribing process. It is the part of the process that could make or break your efforts. If there are any other cabinets installed nearby, make sure that the new cabinets are parallel with them so that it doesn't look off.

2. Draw Using a Compass

Next, take a compass and place it in the crack between the wall and the cabinet. Push it into the crack a little bit to anchor it. Keep the compass at a ninety degree angle the entire time in order to make sure that everything is consistent. Carefully draw the irregularities of the wall with the pencil that is attached to the compass onto the wood of the cabinet. You are essentially drawing the line that is going to serve as the new edge of your cabinet. 

Once you have the line, you can sand the cabinet down until it reaches that line. This will give your cabinet a new edge that will perfectly fit into the irregularities of your wall.

For more information, talk to a company like Simple Scribe that specializes in floor and wall scribing.