Steps You Should Take To Properly Maintain Your Restaurant Stoves

When you decide to open your own restaurant, you are likely equal parts excited and nervous. The whole process of opening and running a restaurant can be overwhelming to say the least. But once you are up and running, the concern goes from getting everything started to keeping everything going and that includes maintaining your kitchen equipment. If you are unsure of all of the steps that you should take to keep your restaurant stoves running safely and cleanly for as long as possible, get to know just a few of the steps that you should take to better maintain your restaurant stoves. Then, you can begin implementing these maintenance steps as soon as possible in your restaurant.

Clean Your Ranges Multiple Times A Day

Cleaning your ranges or stovetops is one of the easiest ways to maintain your restaurant stoves and keep them running efficiently and prevent damage to the units. Food particles, grease and moisture can affect the heating elements of your ranges, making cook times longer, temperatures inaccurate and could potentially cause entire burners or other components to malfunction and require replacement.

It is best practice to clean stovetops and ranges multiple times a day. Set up a rotation for stove use that allows for one stovetop to be cleaned while the others are in use. If you close between meal services, take that time to clean the range surface thoroughly, including under the burners. And always do a thorough cleaning before your staff begins cooking on first shift and at the end of the night.

Have Your Grease Traps Checked And Cleaned Regularly

When you are maintaining your restaurant stoves, you do not want to forget about the accompanying exhaust system that goes along with them, namely the grease traps. Grease traps are designed to trap oils and grease through the use of a specialized filtration system. These traps cause grease and oil to solidify while allowing steam and air to vent out of your kitchen space.

A clogged grease trap can cause numerous problems including improper venting (affecting air quality and comfort for your kitchen staff) and could even cause grease fires and other dangerous problems. You want to prevent this by having grease trap cleaning services performed on a regular, routine basis.

Generally, health codes require that grease traps be cleaned out at least monthly. However, some stove manufacturers recommend such cleanings every few days. You should have your grease traps cleaned at minimum monthly to meet state health requirements. If you regularly cook meats and other foods that produce a great deal of grease and use oil, you may want to increase those inspections and cleaning services to biweekly, weekly, or twice a week at your discretion, though. The more thorough you are with your grease trap cleanings, the better your stove system will function and the safer the process will be.

With these basic restaurant stove tips in mind, you can be sure that you are working diligently to keep your equipment well-maintained now and in the future. For assistance, visit sites like