How A Barge Crane Can Rescue Your Car From A Watery Grave

If your vehicle gets into an accident on a bridge and then takes a nose-dive into the water below, be sure to get out of the vehicle before it hits the water. After you have addressed your situation, you can begin to figure out how to retrieve your car from the water. There are special crane services that dredge and hoist bodies of water for just about anything, including cars. These certain crane services, provided by a barge crane, can help.

Barge Cranes Can Get to Submerged Items That Other Crane Types Cannot

Since barge cranes are equipped to float on the surface of the water and still provide lifting power with their booms, they can get to large items underwater that other cranes cannot. The barge crane can take a couple of divers out to the approximate area where your car entered the water. (The car may shift downstream if undercurrents are strong enough to push it along, so your car may not be in the same place it was when it hit the water.) Divers may ride along on the barge crane and then dive down to find your vehicle before the barge operator will lower the boom, hook and cable.

Barge Cranes Are Adequately Counterbalanced So That They Do Not Roll Over

You might think that when a barge crane hooks onto a very heavy item underwater and attempts to pull it up that the action of pulling up something heavy will cause the barge to capsize. On the contrary, barge cranes are heavy enough in their own right, and are also adequately counterbalanced so that the weight of the item being brought to the surface does not affect the uprightness of this boat. Even if you have one of the heaviest cars on the market, a barge crane will have no problem pulling and winching your car up out of the water.

Barge Cranes Prepare Your Vehicle for Its Return to Land

When the vehicle has successfully resurfaced, it will need to hang in midair and "drip dry" for a little bit until much of the trapped water runs out of it. If the barge has enough deck surface area to bring your vehicle on board, it may travel back to land this way where a tow truck will take it from there. If the barge is full up and has no room, it may just "tow" your car back to land. To keep the car from becoming more damaged than it already is, additional cables may be used to secure and immobilize it while it hangs off the boom arm.

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