Backyard Basketball Court Construction: Ground Excavation

Have you decided to build a basketball court in your backyard because you enjoy the sport so much? Before you pull out a shovel and start digging, you may want to hire services from an excavation contractor to make the project more efficient. In this article, learn why spending money on professional excavation for your basketball court is a wise decision that will save you a lot of time.

How Can Professionals Make Excavation More Efficient?

The first thing that you must consider when taking on a basketball court construction project is where all of the excess dirt will go when it is excavated. Getting rid of the dirt without the help of a professional can take a long time, especially if you don't have a truck for hauling it to a dump yard. An excavation company will bring a dump truck to your property for placing the excess dirt inside after they have excavated the ground for you. They can then take the dirt with them when they leave to save you the trouble (this may cost an additional fee).

The method in which the ground is excavated is the main thing that should be considered for your project. If you opt for using a shovel to dig up the ground on your own, it will take a long time (depending on court size). It can also be hard digging up a large area of ground that is not properly prepared, such as having had the soil softened and rocks removed. An excavation company will use a backhoe to get the ground excavated efficiently.

Basically, a backhoe is a construction vehicle that is small enough to fit in your backyard and take on multiple tasks. The vehicle can be used for digging up soil, as well as removing the soil from the basketball court area and placing it in piles. Another use of a backhoe is for leveling out the ground for your basketball court to prepare it for laying cement.

What Kind of Fees Do Professional Excavators Charge?

Your basketball court construction project will be charged based on how complex it is for the contractors to excavate the ground. For instance, slopes, rocks and old pavement in the construction area can make the job more difficult. The length of the ground being excavated is the main thing that will be considered. Costs can range from $50 to $200 per yard. Make an appointment for an excavation company, like Haas Construction, to begin on your basketball court project.