Four Tips To Help Clean Out Smoke Smells When Doing Fire Damage Restoration

When your home has had a fire, there are many things that need to be done during the restoration process. These chores can include demolition and rebuilding your home. It is likely that some of your home may be saved, which can also have smoke left behind. If you want to get rid of the smell of smoke when doing fire damage restoration, here are some tips that may help:

1. Removing Absorbent Materials Like Carpet

The absorbent materials can cause many problems when doing renovations. Not only will they hold moisture that can lead to mold, but they can also harbor the smell of smoke. This is why it is a good idea to remove materials like carpet when doing renovations, even if it seems like they can be cleaned. It will be easier to replace these materials, rather than try to clean them.

2. Using Citrus Chemicals To Clean Framing Materials

There are also wood materials used in the framing of your home. These materials can include floor systems, stud and ceiling joists. When you do the demolition, you can also clean all these exposed materials. Using cleaning products with citrus can be a good way to neutralize the smell of smoke. Use higher concentrated cleaning products to get the smell of smoke off materials when you are doing the cleaning.

3. Replacing Things Like Insulation When Rebuilding

Materials that are inside the wall can also have problems with mold and smoke smells. When you do the demolition, you will want to remove any materials like insulation. Other materials that you may want to replace include things like wall sheathing. This is because it can also be a source of the smoke smells, but this may not be possible with homes that have brick or masonry.

4. Remove Any Materials With Burn Marks And Smoke Stains

When you are rebuilding after a fire, it is likely that some materials have char marks or smoke stains that cannot be removed. Sometimes, these materials may not affect the structure of your home. They can contribute to the smell of smoke, so you may want to remove these materials when you are doing renovations.

If your home has been on fire, the lingering smoke smell can be unpleasant. Follow some of these tips to help get the smell of smoke out for good. If you need help with cleaning up and rebuilding, contact a fire damage restoration contractor like one from Advance Companies, Inc.