What Emergency Services Do Plumbers Perform?

When a plumbing emergency occurs, it is important to act fast. You will need to contact a plumber right away to arrange for the repairs to be done as quickly as possible. The more quickly repairs can be made the less likely there will be damage to your home or property. Many plumbing repair companies remain on call 24/7 and can arrive at your home shortly after the problem has been discovered. These are some of the services emergency plumbers often provide on a regular basis.

Drain Problems

Clogged drains may not seem to be a severe issue at first, but if they are not repaired within a timely manner this can lead to damage both inside and underneath your home. If only one drain is clogged in your home, it can also prevent the rest of the drains from functioning properly. 

If you have drains that cannot be unclogged by using store bought products, this may require special tools that only a plumber has available. It is best to call a plumber once the clogged drain becomes evident so the problem can be corrected more quickly.

Water Leaks 

Water leaks in the home can occur for various reasons. If the weather is cold and the pipes are not properly wrapped, they may freeze and burst and this can lead to excessive water damage. Over time, water pipes may also work loose if the ground has settled due to frequent rainfall. 

Regardless of why your water pipes are leaking, this is considered an emergency plumbing problem. It should be corrected as soon as possible to avoid potential flooding of your home or property and an extreme increase in the cost of your monthly water bill.

Septic Tank Issues 

If the toilets in your bathrooms are not flushing properly, this may be a sign of a more urgent problem with your septic system. A problem this severe requires the service of a professional plumber and cannot usually be fixed by the homeowner. 

The septic tank may need to be pumped out so that the system works as it should. There may also be tree roots that have grown and spread into the leech line pipes of the system, and this needs to be repaired by a professional plumber right away.

Attempting to do emergency plumbing repairs on your own could possibly cause further damage. You will find more success calling a professional emergency plumber instead, as this often saves both the time it takes to fix the problem and the cost of fixing any new problems that you might cause.