Moving Into A New House? Make It Feel Clean And New

After you purchase a new home and you get the keys and you're anxious to move in, there are a few things you want to do before you start unloading the moving truck. You want to start your new adventure in the house with a clean slate, and this means having some cleaning and service professionals come through the property.

To eliminate the filth and bacteria that is left behind by the previous homeowners, you want to have the carpeting and ducts cleaned, and you want to have the interior painted. Here are a few reasons why. 

Carpet Cleaning

There are millions of organisms on people's shoes, and shoes, feet, pets and other things may have been on the carpeting in the house you are about to move into. Carpet cleaning by professionals with an antimicrobial cleaning agent is going to help remove bacteria that cause illnesses, odors, and it will help remove stains. The carpet cleaning is going to make the carpeting look better and feel softer, and it's going to make the house smell clean while you're moving in.

Duct Cleaning

If the ducts in the house have never been cleaned since the house was built, there could be a variety of allergens and asthma triggers, along with other bacteria and microorganisms. The duct cleaning is going to remove all of these things to improve the quality of air in the house, help improve air flow which benefits heating and cooling efficiency, and the experts can look for flaws in the ducts. Replace the air conditioner and furnace filter once the ducts are cleaned.

Interior Painting

If there are odors in the house or musty smells that make you think of mold or moisture, painting the interior walls can help kill and mask these odors. Use latex based paint on watermarks or other stains, and paint the rooms to make the house smell fresh. You can also do the ceilings to make the house seem brighter.

When you move into a house you want it to feel new, even if it's not a new construction. Talk with the cleaning professionals and painters to have these different services preformed around your home before you move in with your furniture and belongings, because these services are easy to do when the house is empty. If you get these things out of the way you can move into a house you know is clean.