3 Creative DIY Cabinet Knobs For Budget Kitchen Remodeling

You expect to see some high price tags when undergoing a kitchen remodeling project. But you might experience some sticker shock when you realize how expensive cabinet knobs can be for even a simple design. If you have a do-it-yourself spirit, there are some easy, creative and affordable cabinet knob hacks that will bring interest to your cabinet doors:

Spoon and Fork Pulls

Create cabinet pulls using cheap forks and spoons for a look that's perfect for everything from a rustic to modern design scheme.

This is one scenario where cheaper is better because you want the forks and spoons to bend with the force of your hand. But make sure they don't bend so easily you risk warping them every time you open a cabinet.

Remove the cabinet doors you want to have the pulls. Take off any existing hardware. If you already had pull-style knobs on the doors you can use the existing screw holes to line up your silverware. Otherwise you can simply use your eyes to line up the silverware evenly on each of the doors.

Use a drill to push a screw through both the top of the silverware and the cabinet door. Repeat with the bottom edge of the silverware. Pull a couple of times to make sure it is attached securely then reattach the cabinet doors.

Jute-Wrapped Pulls

Most hardware stores sell cheap cabinet pulls that have metallic pieces on top and bottom with a white or black bulbous section in the middle. You can tailor these pulls to fit a rustic or country kitchen by buying a length of jute at the craft store.

Cover the metallic parts of the pull with firmly-wrapped painter's tape. Coat the bulbous part with spray adhesive following the package directions. Quickly wrap the jute around the bulbous area and press down to ensure the jute makes contact with the adhesive.

Note that it's fine if the jute isn't done evenly or perfectly. The slightly undone look will add even more charm to your rustic design scheme.

Stenciled Knobs

Find square or large round cabinet knobs in an untreated wood or white ceramic. Take a knob to your craft store and look for a stencil that will cover the surface of the knob. Purchase a few acrylic paints or paint markers, a clear coat, painter's tape, and the stencil of your choosing.

Cover any area of the knob you don't want painted with the painter's tape. You can also use the tape to help hold the stencil in place on the front of the knob. Use acrylic paints or a paint pen to color in the stencil. Allow the painted knob to dry completely before following up with a clear coat. Allow the clear coat to dry completely and then affix the knobs to your cabinets.