The Advantages Of Investing In Casement Windows

There are a wide range of window styles to choose from. Sliding windows are the most popular options on residential properties. However, there is one great alternative solution that you should consider. Casement windows are a stylish and functional option for most window openings. This article will explain the various advantages of 3 different types of casement windows.

Explaining Casement Windows

Casement windows are windows where the sash is on a hinge, much like a door. The hinge opens outward. In general there are 3 types of casement windows.

Cranking Casement Windows

Cranking casement windows are practical and easy to use. There is usually a cranking mechanism along the window sill that allows you to easily open and close the window. The crank has gears, so it is easy to operate. It does not feel like you are cranking the entire weight of the window. Cranking windows are probably the most popular type of casement windows but they are not ideal for all situations. For instance, a cranking window is not ideal for a window that is particularly low because you would have to bend down to use the crank. Likewise, a cranking window would be useless on a tall window opening if you cannot even reach the mechanism.

Manual Opening Casement Windows

The most affordable type of casement window is a manual operating window. These windows have no cranking device, so they are opened and closed by simply puling and pushing them. While these are very affordable, they can be difficult to operate. For instance, it might be hard to reach the window to close it when it is fully open. Furthermore, a casement window cannot be equipped with a screen. You should probably only choose to invest in manual opening casement windows on smaller openings.

Battery Powered Casement Windows

Battery powered and electronic casement windows are becoming more common and popular. They are certainly the most expensive option because of the electronic mechanism. These windows can be opened easily with a push of a button. Overtime, these windows will become more popular and more affordable as more manufacturers focus on developing their electronic capabilities. The most immediate disadvantage of battery powered windows is that you need to change the battery if you are constantly open and closing them. Also, if the electronic mechanism becomes damaged in any way, it could be a very expensive window repair.

Any of these styles could be a great solution for your home. Choose the options that fit within your personal budget and usage needs.