Important Palm Tree Care Tips

Do you have a palm tree or two in your yard? Are you wondering how to properly care for your beloved palm? Although palm trees grow easily in many locations, there are some things you can do to keep them in good health. Here is a list of some of the most important:

Tree trimming: Dead palm leaves can attract a variety of pests that will not only damage your tree but can also potentially damage your home as well. Ants and termites are the most common pests. Yearly tree trimming will help to minimize any potential risk. If your palm tree is taller than approximately fifteen to twenty feet, it is best to hire a professional to take care of your tree trimming needs. Whether you have the fronds shaved off completely to leave a smooth trunk or whether the tree trimming leaves the very ends attached to the palm, leaving a bumpy texture, is an aesthetic choice. 

Fertilizer: Without fertilizer, a palm tree can become weak just like any other plant or tree. Even with tree trimming, a weak palm is an attractive home to a wide variety of pests. For best results, look for a fertilizer that is specific to palm trees. Such a fertilizer is usually labeled with the numbers 8-2-12 to show how many nutrients are in it. It should also have additional iron and sulfur, minerals that are important to palm trees.

High winds: Palm trees have relatively shallow roots, which leave them susceptible to high winds. If you live in a windy area and have just had a tall palm tree planted in your yard, make sure to ask the tree nursery what you will need to do to prevent your tree from blowing over while it establishes itself in the ground. If your palm tree starts to show signs of growing heavily to one side, it might be a good idea to consider removing it before the palm can fall over onto your home power lines and cause damage.

Cold weather: Very cold weather can kill a palm tree, especially if it is a young palm. When frost comes, wrap the lower part of the trunk with a blanket or tarp. This will help to protect both the trunk and the roots from freezing and frost damage. If your tree gets damaged by frost and freezing, it can die and need to be removed.