3 Signs That It’s Time To Sealcoat Your Asphalt Driveway

When you had your asphalt driveway installed, one of the things that you probably loved about it is the fact that it's made to last for many years. However, you should know that some maintenance is necessary to keep it in good shape for a long time to come. Fortunately, an asphalt paving company can come out and sealcoat your driveway, which will involve fixing holes and cracks and then covering your driveway with a protective coating. This isn't something that has to be done often, but look out for these signs. If you notice any of them, then it's time to contact a paving contractor to find out more about asphalt sealcoating.

1. There are Holes

Potholes in your asphalt driveway are more than just a visual annoyance. These holes can also cause damage to your vehicle if you aren't careful and can even cause you and your family members to trip and fall. If you notice any holes, you shouldn't ignore them. Instead, consider having them patched and having your driveway sealcoated to prevent future damage to the driveway, vehicle damage and trips and falls.

2. It Gets Cold Where You Live

If you live in an area where the temperatures drop below freezing in the winter, then it's imperative to have your driveway sealcoated every few years. The reason is simple; if small cracks or holes are filled with water, then the water can freeze. Then, it will expand and contract, which can cause the holes and cracks to get worse. By having your driveway repaired and sealcoated, you can prevent this from happening.

3. It Looks Worn Out

Over time, it's natural for your asphalt driveway not to look its best. This comes from normal wear and tear and everyday use. Although it's common, you still probably don't like the way that your worn-out asphalt driveway looks, but you might not want to spend the money to have it repaved. Luckily, this is where sealcoating can come in handy. After your driveway is sealcoated, it will have a fresh appearance. Although it might not look like new again, the appearance will be close. This is a very cost-effective way of improving the look of your driveway.

As you can see, there are a few signs that you can look for to determine if it's time to sealcoat your driveway. For more information, contact Hals Construction or a similar company.