Two Mistakes Commonly Made While Installing Fiberglass Insulation That Will Lead To Bodily Irritation

The threads that make up fiberglass insulation are so fine that sustained contact will lead to significant soreness and skin irritation. If you get too many threads in your eyes, you may even need to visit a hospital. To minimize the risk of irritation and ensure that you're able to install your fiberglass insulation without a hitch, remember to avoid these two common mistakes.

Not Washing Your Hands

Just because you can't see any fiberglass threads on your hands doesn't mean that they aren't there. Since most people unconsciously touch their face and eyes throughout the day, it's important that you immediately wash your hands as soon as you want to take a break from working. You should do this even if you're wearing protective gloves, as residual fiberglass threads can still make it onto your hands while you're taking your gloves off.

While it's not certain that you'll suffer from eye irritation if you touch your face after work without washing, it only takes a few threads getting stuck in between your cornea and eyelid to cause very sharp pain. Depending on how deep under the eyelids the threads are, it could be difficult or even impossible for your tears alone to remove them.

Using Too Flimsy Of A Plank To Crawl On

If you're installing fiberglass insulation in your attic, you're going to need a wooden plank to lean and crawl on while you're laying down the mats. Even if you own very heavy work pants that can resist fiberglass thread penetration, your weight will irreversibly compress the insulation and render it useless.

Don't underestimate how wide and heavy of a plank you need if you don't want it to snap or slip off your attic beams in the middle of your work. A sudden fall in which you're completely exposed to insulation will lead to sustained irritation throughout your whole body for a long time to come.

Before starting to lay your insulation, suspend your chosen plank between two desks or chairs so that you can test how well it'll support your weight. Only use it for real if it can hold you without wobbling while you're crawling around on it.

While there's nothing glamorous about installing fiberglass insulation, it's a very necessary task that will save you a lot of money. The fact that this job is necessary, however, shouldn't dissuade you from taking every effort to avoid pain or irritation as a result of unnecessary contact with fiberglass.