4 Primary Causes Of Issues With Your Electrical Panel

The electrical panel is a crucial component of your home's electrical system. In many cases, when you are experiencing electrical issues, the problem can be found within the panel. You may be able to diagnose the problem that you are having yourself, but the issues should always be resolved by a licensed electrician. Here are four of the primary causes of electrical panel problems and how to diagnose them:

1. Faulty Wiring

When installations are hurried or the installer is careless, it can adversely affect the electrical wiring. In some cases, the breaker may be too large for a certain circuit or there are multiple circuits on a single breaker. Wires can easily get intertwined with one another.

All of these are potential signs and causes of faulty wiring in the electrical panel. More often than not, these issues are not incredibly serious and can often be repaired quickly and easily by a professional electrician.

2. Moisture Within the Panel

If there is moisture inside your electrical panel, then there is a major problem going on. It could indicate that there is a water leak or possibly even a drainage issue with your plumbing pipes. If you see white corrosion or any type of rust, then the panel will likely need to be fully replaced for safety and performance concerns.

If you think or see that your panel has moisture in it or has water damage, call an electrician immediately and avoid tampering with the switches or anything inside the panel. The entire panel and its components need to be inspected and possibly replaced. If there is indeed a leak, then you will also need to consult with a plumber to have that fixed.

3. Damaged Cables

The cables that run to your home from the utility pole at the road are prone to damage. In some cases, the cables may become uninsulated, unclamped or loose. Whether it be from the weather, a fallen tree limb or a completely different situation entirely, damaged service cables can and will affect your home's power supply.

If you have checked all other places in your home and have been unable to find the culprit of your electricity issue, then you may want to call the utility company to inspect the cables, as that may be where the problem lies.

4. Manufacturing Issues

If none of the above issues seem like what you are experiencing, then your power issue may be due to a manufacturing issue with the panel, such as improperly installed circuits and fuses. More than likely, the entire panel will need to be replaced if it is a manufacturing problem. On the other hand, there may be no manufacturing issue at all. In fact, it may just be that your breakers are over crowded or that the fuses have blown and need to be replaced.

If you are experiencing any kind of electrical and power issues in your home, it is crucial that you don't try to attempt the repair yourself. Electrical repairs should be left to professional and experienced electricians like those from Phillips Electric who have the know-how and tools to complete the job safely and accurately.