Bugs That Love Your Pool: Why You Want Regular Swimming Pool Service

A pool to most insects looks like a stagnant pond. There is no rush of waves or water and it appears quite hospitable to insects who mate and lay their young in the water. You read that correctly-- a dirty pool is full of bugs, even if you cannot see them. What is more, many of these water bugs are not something you want to be swimming with, and here is why.

Mosquitoes and Their Larvae

Mosquitoes are drawn to stagnant water because it is the perfect place to lay their eggs. Mosquito eggs are undisturbed in ponds and puddles, and the larvae are free to wriggle about and feed off of other water bugs. Even more unnerving is the fact that mosquito larvae are indiscriminate about what, or who, they feed on. If you think your pool is clean enough to swim in, you might be quite surprised to find some itchy spots after your swim. Only large quantities of bleach or pool chemicals used by a swimming pool service and repair company like Oasis Pool Service LLC can kill these wriggling little pests where they play.

Water Skimmers

These creepy water bugs resemble spiders or overly large mosquitoes as they glide across the surface of your pool. Although they may not feast on you, you still do not want to go for a swim and come out with one or two perched on your head and entangled in your hair. Both pool chemicals and a water pump that keeps the water stirred up will eliminate and discourage these creepy crawlers from calling your pool home.

Water Bugs

When you first see an adult water bug in your pool, you may freak out and think it is a cockroach. Although they have a very similar appearance, water bugs spend almost their entire lives in calm bodies of water, such as your pool. If you use your pool only during summer but you keep it filled with water the rest of the year and only take an occasional swim, you are probably swimming with thousands of their larvae. The thought is quite gross, especially if you or your children happen to swallow some pool water from time to time. Otherwise, these bugs are nothing like the parasitic larvae of mosquitoes, but you still would not want to swim in their company.

Cleaning Your Pool and Ridding It of Bugs

If you are not in the habit of using your pool daily, you should make the effort to clean it daily or every other day. If you do not have enough time to dedicate to the cleaning of your pool, hire a swimming pool service and repair expert. Cleaning and caring for your pool will keep bugs and larvae out of it, which makes your pool a much healthier place for you and your family to swim. Your only other option is to empty and refill your pool in between swims, and that can cost you more money than a cleaning service.